Victoria Rose


Whether through dance, poetry, music, or photography, the need for creative expression has always been a huge part of my nature and truly is my happy place. Photography has been a consistent creative outlet that I find complete joy and fulfillment in. Over the recent years, it has enthusiastically transitioned from being a hobby into a career.

I am a hopeless romantic who loves love. I enjoy photographing people being their true authentic selves and capturing genuine emotions and love that people exude for themselves and others. I have taken photography courses throughout my years of education and I'm always looking for ways to continue my knowledge on all things visual art related. I am excited to be on this journey of pursuing my passions and loving life!

Shooting Style: Natural, Warm, Romantic.

More about me:

I grew up in a very small town in Massachusetts called Adams. Being from a small town gave me the inspiration to want to explore this big beautiful world. In doing so, I found a love for travel and adventure. I've done multiple cross country road trips in the US and I've lived in four states: California, New Mexico, Massachusetts, and New York. I've also lived in England for a short time and have enjoyed many other trips internationally. I appreciate and enjoy the simple things in life while also having the desire to adventure outside of my comfort zone.